Improving Aerospike's documentation: please share your feedback


This capture discussion surrounding improving AeroSpike’s documentation. Please share your inputs regarding

  • Inconsistencies you find in documentation
  • Your suggestions on capturing any missing documentation
  • Your suggestions on providing more details in documentation if you feel existing documentation has glossed over some important points.

Thanks, DJ


the quality of Aerospike’s documentation “outperform” many other similar products, but I still have a lot of comments. :smile:

previously, i posted a message in Feature Request to ask for making the documentation site mobile friendly.

the last documentation inconsistence i encountered is at: for INFO drv_ssd the latest version has a “n-w 0” field undocumented.

I’ll add more later.


Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated. Just updated the documentation, it will be pushed on our site as part of the next update to our production documentation server (usually within a day or two). But here are the details:

n-w: Number of threads concurrently writing to the ssd write block buffer (swb).

Keep the feedback coming! –meher