I’m a newbie to the Aerospike and trying to move data from Redis and MongoDB. But I couldn’t find any way to drop namespaces and as suggested I tried to use scan API from Java. But since my datatype is updated I get an Exception. In this case how can I drop namespace or scan all keys without serializing all data with using scan API?

Here is the exception I get

Caused by: blahblah; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 3501525032824416540, local class serialVersionUID = 2487802786083505283

And in addition when I call client.truncate(new InfoPolicy(), NAMESPACE, null, null);

I get: com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException$Parse: Error Code -2: Info response does not include: truncate:namespace=somenamespace

I’m confused. Are you trying to get all the keys, or drop (delete) a namespace, or just simply trying to delete all the data in that namespace? Also - which version of the aerospike server are you running?

Albot I’m trying this guide for truncating all items and keys from a specific set but getting exception

My Aerospike version is Community Edition - 3.6.13

You need server 3.12 or higher to use truncate

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Worked great with version 3.12.1, thanks a lot!

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