Is it Can What Point in time reocvery in Aerospike

is it Can What Point in time reocvery in Aerospike?

I wanna restore about specific time

If point-in-time recovery is not possible, are there files that are created after a backup, such as MySQL’s Binary log? Can it be restored with that?

Yes, there is a backup tool that generates files that are then used to restores. You should be able to get some good details from this doc: Backing up and Restoring Data with asbackup and asrestore | Aerospike Documentation .

i saw this pages but there’s not exists contents about point in time recovery

Yes, I don’t think there currently is a way to do a point in time recovery directly since taking a back up is on its own a process that goes over all the records and, therefore, some records in the backup may have a more recent time (if encountered towards the end of the backup process and were updated after the backup was started) compared to the records that were backed up earlier.

You can otherwise use XDR to keep another copy of selected sets / changes on a different cluster and temporarily suspend XDR in order to take a full backup of that other cluster that would have all the records ‘frozen’ at that specific point in time.