Is there any chance we'll see a proper Perl client any time soon?

Hi there,

I’m very much interested in trying Aerospike database in my current project which is written in Perl. But the Perl Client you’re providing is not really anything close to be called a proper client. Could you please tell, if there is any chance we’ll see a proper Perl client any time soon?

Thanks, Dmitry

Hi. I’m trying out Aerospike and so I quickly made an OO wrapper around the citrusleaf client. If I find out someone can be interested in something similar I might decide to keep it up. It’s far from being complete, but it’s a start:

I’m afraid, though, an object oriented approach can be much slower than using the native client.

Cheers, Giacomo

Aerospike currently does not have any plans to enhance the Perl Client. The best implementation path would be to have a wrapper around the C client, similar to Aerospike’s Python Client. Certainly welcome any community contribution!

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