Issues of Forum Migration

I found the migration from previous discussion Forum: has issues:

  1. Lost more than 10 days of Forum data
  2. Lost user accounts. I have to create a new one.

The previous Forum has: Total posts 698 Total topics 297 Total members 827

Apologies for the inconvenience.

We went from a self hosted system into a service. The service,, is a better product in many ways. Unfortunately (fortunately), the credentials were encrypted in the old system and could not be ported into discourse which uses a different crypto function. You do have more options for login, which users will find useful.

How about the issue “1) Lost more than 10 days of Forum data”? Could you migrate those posts since August 16?

I have made some posts in the old Forum during my Evaluation to Aerospike between August 16 to 23, but haven’t seen them in the new Forum

This was not intentional and we will be following up on this.