Java Client Release 3.0.34 (February 6, 2015)

Version 3.0.34 of the Java client was released on February 6, 2015 and is available for download here. It boasts many new features:

  • Always return 64 bit integers (long) for numbers retrieved from the server. Code that casts record values to Integer must be changed to call “Record.getInt()” which performs the proper casting. See ‘Incompatible API change’.
  • Support secondary indexes on bins containing a collection.
  • Support asynchronous query.
  • Support maxConcurrent in asynchronous batch, scan and query.
  • Add asynchronous query and store key examples.
  • Add IAerospikeClient and IAsyncClient interfaces that should be more mock friendly.
  • Set default set in benchmarks to “testset”.
  • Support new server error codes.
  • Support user-defined roles with namespace/set scoping. Rename UserRoles to User.
  • Send key on both reads and writes when “Policy.sendKey” is true.

This new release also fixes several bugs. Click here to view the full release notes.