Large list capacity, function not found

Hello, is large list capacity supported in Open Source Community Edition? Or is it a bug?


aerospike_llist_get_capacity(as, &err, policy, key, llist, &ldt_capacity)
aerospike_llist_set_capacity(as, &err, policy, key, llist, &ldt_capacity)

gives me:

function not found -- Error code: 100, at: [src/main/aerospike/as_command.c:822]

Any other function i tested by now (add, add_all, scan, remove, every find, size) works fine.

aerospike - 3.6.2

aerospike-c-client - 3.1.24

The get/set capacity functions are deprecated. You would now use setPageSize and config.

Here’s your reference:

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