I’m looking for some kind of <K, Set[U]> and <K, Map<T, U>> functionality in Aerospike and after some reading I’ve come up with the following:

  • Implement with UDFs
  • LargeMap/LargeSet - basically com.aerospike.client.large.*
  • Implement with LLIST

I have a couple of questions please:

  1. Am I missing another option/s ?
  2. Is it true that LargeMap is an implementation of Map with LLIST ? kinda like LDTMap in GitHub - helipilot50/aerospike-LDT-techniques: Large Data Type techniques with Aerospike ? if not, what’s the difference ?
  3. It is stated that LDTs are not supported by XDR, I guess the same goes for LLIST ? and what about UDFs, are they supported ?

Thanks, Amit