Mac OSX: Xamarin: C# client NuGet for Xamarin


Hi folks,

Please pardon me if I am to ask very basic questions with os x and c# because I have all these years been only with java and Linux


I am attempting to write a utility(to scan the records of a name space and to delete a few conditionally) in C# on a Mac OS X

To setup the environment on Mac, I installed the Xamarin Studio 5.X

BUT I am not able to add in the C# NuGet because, according to this, we have to type the given command in the package manager console.

Unfortunately, we do not have a package manager console for xamarin studio. I tried a lot and according to this, we might add the console to xamarin, but it boils down to where the specified NuGet Addin(NuGet Package Management Extensions) is not present in the Alpha repositories.

So I have no solution for now

Please guide me through this.

So, finally what I want to achieve is add C# NuGet to Xamarin and be able to create a project and finally build a utility out of it



What exactly are you trying to build? A simple C# utility that runs as an executable (perhaps from the command line)?

Nuget is the primary package manager for the .NET ecosystem. There’s a small Nuget client that can be called directly from the command line, or through an IDE (either with the package manager console or through a visual interface). Visual Studio automatically comes with this client and has both the PM console and the GUI but Visual Studio doesn’t run on Mac. The .NET framework is also not available on Mac or Linux.

Recently Microsoft has released .NET Core which is a smaller framework, and Visual Studio Code which is a lighter editor that has most of the functionality of the full Visual Studio. Both .NET Core and Visual Studio Code are fully cross-platform and run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you’re writing C# on Mac OS, you should be be using Visual Studio Code and targeting the .NET Core framework.

Xamarin is a cross-platform IDE meant for creating mobile apps, however you can still create a simple console project. It does include a Nuget client and console as well, as long as you’re using version 3 or higher, so you can include any Nuget libraries you need.

Also keep in mind that Xamarin is not yet fully updated for .NET Core so it will likely try to use Mono (an older community implementation of the .NET framework that runs on Mac/Linux and has some incompatibilities). The Aerospike client may or may not work correctly with Mono, but it currently does not work on .NET Core at all, so you’ll have to wait until it’s updated, or try and see if it works with Mono.


Hi mani

Thank you for throwing light in darkness.:slight_smile:

Yes I am trying to build a simple C# utility that scans all the records given a namespace and deletes few of them based on business conditions

Having read all of your response

I wish to try my luck with Mono and just to add, I am using the Xamarin 5.x and Mono 4.x

But please suggest me if there is a better way of reaching my target i.e just build a simple utility that can be run on a command line very similar to the benchmark utility that comes with aerospike client



Having said all that

I still cannot find a PM console in or any package that adds a console to xamarin.

unless I find the PM console for xamarin, I dont know of any ways to add the aerospike C# Nuget so that I can just create the utility

To repeat things for more clarity of the discussion

Am I missing some thing?


According to this:

Xamarin Studio 5.0 was released last week as part of the Xamarin 3.0 release and it now has built-in support for NuGet. There is no need to install the NuGet addin separately into Xamarin Studio 5.0 or MonoDevelop 5.0 since it is now “in the box”.

You should already have it installed. You don’t need the console, you can just search for the package name aerospike.client and install it using the dialog window.


Hey mani

you made it so simple

Thank you so much :slight_smile: