Multi filter : one with list of ids and second is geo contains


We are using Aerospike’s query feature with geo point in a polygon filter. WE have created GEO2DSPHERE secondary index on the bin, but we see that it is taking time. Currenty the record in that set is around 9 million and might increase so we thought if we can increase the performance by sending primary ids in query so that geo search happens on matched records only instead of 9 million.

Please let me know if this is possible and how can we achieve that or is there any other way to increase the performance .


Can you provide information about the hardware you’re running on (or if it’s something like Amazon EC2, the instance type)? Please add information on DRAM, CPU (cat /proc/cpuinfo if you don’t know the type and number of cores), SSDs (if you’re using those). How many nodes in your cluster?

The other thing would be to attach your aerospike.conf file to show the config parameters.