Multiple Databases


We are building an Inventory management system and an invoicing system that should handle 100s to 1000s of sales per outlet over 10s to 100s of outlets per client. We are looking to handle many clients, small and big running within the same infrastructure, we are going with 1 database per client. We do require to run multiple databases / clients on each server and according to the load would be increasing servers. Because some clients can be doing just a few 100 invoices a year as well. So we do require to have many clients running on each server. How do I handle this because I found that Aerospike has a limit on the number of databases in each cluster. Please advise.


Just give them their own group of “sets”. Security/Privileges can be granted at set level.


I also read that there is a limit on the number of sets in a namespace, is what I read right?


Maximum number of namespaces = 32

Maximum number of sets per namespace = 1023


I’d still come up with some kind of splitting… Small VM’s are relatively cheap.


As of Aerospike Server version 4.0:

The maximum number of namespaces in a cluster is 32 for Enterprise.

The maximum number of namespaces in a cluster is 2 for Community.


Security is Enterprise Edition only AFAIK. N/A in CE.