A namespace can actually be a part of a database or it can be a group of databases as you would think of them in a standard RDBMS – the reason you collect data into a namespace relates to how the data is going to be stored and managed

Can you explain in detail the difference between a namespace and a Database. and how does namespace relates to Partitions.Does one partition means one namespaces . And if this is so how can one limit partitions to 4096



A namespace is the top-level container for data. You can think of a namespace as an area of storage related to the media. It can be either RAM or Flash (SSD-based). A namespace in Aerospike/NoSQL terminology is analogous to a database in the RDBMS world.

Each namespace is divided into 4096 partitions; the partitions are divided equally among the nodes in the cluster. That means that if there are n nodes in the cluster, each node stores ~1/n of the data.

I hope this helps. You can read more about Aerospike’s Data Distribution here.