Pagination in Ecommerce website

I am trying to build an ecommerce app, so what I need here is that I require products in batches with every API call like API will ask for the next 10 products from the timestamp value sent from the Application. I have not finding any solution to this problem, can anybody tell me any suggestions to implement this. We are still on building phase, so we have no problem in changing our data model according to this requirement, can anyone please help me on this?

Also we are trying to build this thing using the nodejs client.

This question is not really specific to the Node.js client and really needs to be addressed in the larger context of your other data modeling question.

But generally speaking, Aerospike does not support pagination of query/scan results today. Whether alternative approaches are possible depends on the specifics of your application’s data model.

Hello Jan, I am currently building an share and earn based e-commerce site , in which I have got to display the products to the user in kind of an infinite scroll way. So I was looking into the solution to build a secondary index on the timestamp bin of the product set , but it is still unclear to me how to implement this query , “Get 10 products after the given timestamp value”. Any help would be appreciated because I am new to this technology.