PHP Client & LDT installation


I’m a noob trying to test aerospike. I’ve tried to follow the instructions to install the php client. But may I know if the php client should be installed as a root user or non root ? I’m able to install the php client only as root. Am I doing it correctly? But when it comes to using LDT,

require_once ‘/root/vendor/aerospike/aerospike-client-php/autoload.php’;

I’m getting Permission denied error. I’ve tried chaning the owner of the all files and subfolder from /root/vendor/aerospike to www-data which nginx is running as but it just doesn’t help.

Can anyone give some advice.

Regards, Francis

Php client will be installed as PHP extension . You don’t need to include any files. By using Autoloading / namespaces you can simply create object for aerospike.

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