PHP Client Release 3.3.16 (June 19, 2015)


Version 3.3.16 of the PHP client was released on June 19, 2015 and is available for download here. It has a number of features and fixes.


  • Added an optional ttl argument to Aerospike::OPERATORTOUCH in operate(). AER-3566
  • Copied registered modules to user path in register(). AER-3627
  • Made changes to LList, added isValid(), findRange(), setPageSize(). Modified scan() in a compatibility breaking way.


  • Fixed Issue 46 - reusing keys from scan/query. AER-3748
  • Fixed Issue 44 - accept numeric strings for increment(). AER-3812
  • Fixed bug preventing a default value of ‘user’ for serializer. AER-3527
  • Partially fixed Issue 43 - bigger static allocation for as_val. AER-3708
  • Expanded checks for libcrypto. Thanks @jumping

The full release notes are available here.