PHP Client Release 3.4.3 (October 22, 2015)

Version 3.4.3 of the Aerospike PHP client was released on October 22, 2015 and is available for download here. It boasts a wealth of features and fixes:


  • Upgraded to C client 3.1.24.
  • A new backward incompatible format for the data returned by existsMany(), as mentioned in the release notes for 3.4.0. The underlying C client interfaces with a new API for batch reads called batch index, which is implemented in server versions >= 3.6.0. Since batch reads can now target multiple namespaces, the old format is no longer appropriate. Instead, an indexed array is returned in an order corresponding to the array of keys passed as the argument to existsMany(). CLIENT-28
  • Allow TTL to be set with the write methods increment(), append(), prepend(), operate(), removeBin() using OPT_TTL. CLIENT-510
  • Updated the methods of class LList. Added filters to find, findFirst, findLast, findRange.
  • Expanded the examples for LList with integer, string, and map elements.
  • Removed deprecated LDT classes (LMap, LSet, LStack) and methods.
  • Fixed the documentation for the Enterprise Edition security methods.
  • Fixed the installer to place the Lua system files in /usr/local/aerospike/lua by default. Path override can be done by setting the environment variables LUA_SYSPATH,LUA_USRPATH before invoking
  • Travis-CI cleanup.


  • Fixed bug where malformed keys triggered a segfault in getMany(). CLIENT-140 / AER-4342
  • Fixed the client to cast PHP floats to and from as_double. CLIENT-225
  • Fixed Issue #53 - correct configuration inheritance. CLIENT-88
  • Fixed Issue #54 - return the correct error status for empty put(). CLIENT-69
  • Fixed Issue #57 - incorrectly identifying RHEL. Thanks, @npenteado :+1:

Read more here about the 3.4 release branch from our PHP developer @rbotzer.