Aerospike PHP Client Release 3.4.6 (December 25, 2015)


The 3.4.6 release of the Aerospike PHP client came out on December 25, 2015 and is available for download here. This release offers a wealth of new features and fixes.


  • Secondary-index record UDFs using queryApply(). CLIENT-299
  • Enable shared-memory cluster tending through the constructor config. CLIENT-595
  • Added the config params max_threads, thread_pool_size. CLIENT-296
  • Removed the deprecated method createIndex(). Use addIndex(). CLIENT-585
  • Cleaned up the client documentation. Thanks @sergeyklay for your help.


  • Fixed shared-memory cluster tending by generating a unique shm key per-hostname. CLIENT-9
  • Fixed Issue 62. CLIENT-596

The official release notes are available here.