Priority Queue/Sorted Set LDT

Priority queue/Sorted set is one of the most common data model that everybody use, and if aerospike has it, people will love this database even more. Just like a lot of people love the redis’s sorted set.


What is your usecase for it? Why is traversing the sorted list from min or max not an option to implement your desired functionality? As lists seem to be only IOPS-bound, I can’t see any benefit of using a PQ.

But I guess one could implement such a queue inside the boundary of a single record or those of a large ordered list (each item containing a subtree) using an UDF. It should use an van Emde Boas-Layout when implemented with a LOL to touch only a minimal amount of (sub-)records , though. It might be interesting to see, whether this is performing better than LOL used together with range() and such methods or not.

The LDT feature has been removed in Aerospike Server 3.15.1. For more details see Aerospike Will No Longer Support the Large Data Type (LDT) Feature | Aerospike.