Python client returns deleted records



I have deleted record for which

aql> select * from default where PK = 'my_key’ Error: (2) AEROSPIKE_ERR_RECORD_NOT_FOUND

Java client - get returns rull, exists returns false

Python (key, metadata, bins) = client.get((namespace,setname,key1)) print key print client.exists((namespace,setname,key1))

both of them returns values

aerospike client - 1.0.57


Ah, it returns the key (with is the first in the tuple).

But ideally the python exists should return true/false as the function name suggests and not (key, meta)

So, i we are using exists function, should be check if the meta of the tuple (key, meta) is None for a deleted record?


Works fine with 2.0.2

exception.RecordNotFound: (2L, ‘AEROSPIKE_ERR_RECORD_NOT_FOUND’, ‘src/main/client/get.c’, 113)


Hey Amod, you’re right. This was one of the changes in the 2.0.0 release of the Python client.