Python client returns strings as unicode, but I want UTF-8


Hi all. I’m looking at Aerospike among other options to replace memcached. Current code is expecting UTF-8 strings, but everything is coming back from Aerospike as unicode. The docs say that Aerospike stores strings internally as UTF-8, so I don’t see why this is coming back the way it is. There is a lot of code that fails due to string formatting. Is there any client (or maybe server?) config that can change this behavior?

I also tested out setting sys.setdefaultencoding(‘UTF8’) just to see what would happen and there’s no change.

FWIW, I’m currently running Python 2.7.6 and aerospike 1.0.37



Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been looking into it already, so that confirms the need. Hopefully this will be part of release 1.0.39.



To pinpoint it more accurately, this will be available in the upcoming 1.0.43 release. You can give str or unicode as input, both of those get UTF-8 encoded and stored on the server. The read operations will return UTF-8 encoded str. Anyone wanting unicode will have to explicitly call .decode('utf-8').