Python Client Release 1.0.43 (April 24, 2015)

The 1.0.43 version of the Python client was released on April 24, 2015 and can be downloaded here.

This release boasts the following features:

  • Allow for a ‘None’ as the set value for index creation methods. Support scans and queries against a namespace alone, with the set given as None. (AER-3462)
  • Consistent Unicode Handling. This is a change in how string values are returned. Both ‘str’ and ‘unicode’ values are converted by the client into UTF-8 encoded strings for storage on the Aerospike server. Read methods such as get, Query, Scan and operate will return that data as UTF-8 encoded str values. To get a Unicode, you will need to manually decode the string.

The release also fixes three issues:

  • Fixed Issue 49 - udf_put() hangs. (AER-3537)
  • Fixed a segfault which happened while scanning a namespace with ‘None’ given for the set. (AER-3464)
  • Fixed Issue 50 - test harness skips running security methods against community edition.

The full release notes are available here.