Query example using async and await

Can you provide a link to example that shows how to use a query with async/await

Hi Peter,

Async/await is a special language construct to make working with Promises easier. You can only await a function that returns a Promise. Query#foreach, which is used to fetch a set of records from the database based on some filter criteria, does not return a Promise. Therefore, it cannot be used with await. Instead, it returns a RecordStream object, which – as the name implies – implements Node.js’ Stream interface, i.e. it acts as an EventEmitter.

Query#apply and Query#background do return Promises, so they can be used with await. These two functions are used to apply User Defined Functions (UDF) on a set of records.

There are no specific examples for using Query#apply or Query#background with async/await included in the documentation, but the general principals outlined in this tutorial apply.

Hope this helps!