Question about benchmarking results on Aerospike


Hi All,

I have bare-metal machine which i am trying to run Aerospike server on with following specs.

  • Intel Xeon X5650 6 Core CPU with Hyper-threading on, totaling in 12 CPUs.
  • 8 GB DDR3 1333 RAM
  • 250 GB SSD
  • Ubuntu 15.04
  • Nodejs client libs
  • Data on SSD

While running a benchmark program included in examples (sudo node main -T 10) ,I am getting these results.


    operations            100          
    iterations            undefined    
    processes            **12**           
    time                 10.00 seconds

    ------                 mean           min             max
    duration               2.08 ms        0.51 ms         26.22 ms
    tps/process           **47,981**      3,813           195,637 

    <= 1     > 1      > 2     > 4     > 8     > 16    > 32
    70.4%    14.1%    9.0%    5.3%    1.1%    0.0%    0.0%

  Status Codes
      0        9   
    100.0%    0.0%

Here it shows that the Mean TPS is 47,981 per process and by default there were 12 child process, My questions as follows,

  1. Can this result be taken as my system handling 47,981 X 12 = 575,772 TPS?
  2. what is meant by operations here in Configuration list?
  3. Is TPS = IOPS in this scenario?

This is important for me to know the answers before doing actual deployment of our severs. Can anyone please share some thoughts on this topic.



I think that your TPS are per process (not per thread). So this is the max your setup supports. 575k IOPS would only be possible if its batching up writes because your SSD seems to be a consumer model (see the bad latency) which is unlikely to support anything more than 80k IOPS from a single device.

Aerospike does not recommend to run on consumer SSDs as their performance and reliability tend to be bad, compared to ‘data center series’ SSDs by any vendor.

Anyways, 47k TPS is not likely to be your bottleneck while in production (how many HTTP request/s can your node.js application serve? How many OPs do they trigger each?)


Hi Adroit,

We have made an official release version 1.0.47 enhancing the benchmark to print the actual server TPS. Please have a look at it and let us know if you need more information.