Question about queue XDR 5.0

After a great suggestion I have completed the Aerospike XDR 5.0 Academy course.

There is something I am having difficulty understanding. To test a new implementation, I have reset my XDR configuration to include:

bin-policy=changed-and-specified shipped-bins=XDR_TEST

and I removed and added the namespace which I believe should empty the queue. The bin XDR_TEST has no role in production and the only keys from which this has a value are ones I add explicitly (literally one at a time). My expectation is that the queue should be empty and lag should be zero.

However when I run “info xdr” I see lag of 10-25 sec and a non-zero number of recoveries pending and I am not certain how that can happen.

Hi @Lyman_Hurd, there is a great Knowledge Base Article that talks about dynamically adding a DC. This should give some insight into what you’re seeing here.

If you still have concerns, you could connect with our support team and they can take a deeper look.

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After reading your suggested article, I have learned a lot about dynamically adding a DC. Thanks

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