Questions about the shown info of ASADM tool

I have a 19 nodes cluster with configuration “replication-factor 3”,now I have some questions to ask.

  1. Use the adasm tool to connect to the cluster, and then use “info” command to check the information about the cluster, there is a column named “Repl Factor”, but every value of the nodes all show “N/E”, not as expected as “3”, as the configuration of “replication-factor 3”. Is this a problem?
  2. If the replication-factor is configured as 3, are the “Total Objects” column and “Disk Used” column show the total num of all 3 replications, or just one replication?
  3. In the aerospike config file, the “storage-engine device” part, does the number of files has anything to do with the replication-factor? If there is only single file, could it still be 3 replications?


What version of asadm and aerospike are you using.

N/E either means that the server isn’t returning the stat/config asadm is looking for which can occur if the request for that set of stats timed out or asadm is old.

Run these commands to get asadm and server versions:

asadm -V
asadm -e "asinfo -v 'version'"

asadm version: 0.1.13
server version: Aerospike Community Edition build 3.8.3
The cluster has run for a few years.
Here is the snapshoot for the cluster info.

Looks like the command cannot find the stat in the stats output. Likely this is because the stats name changed in 3.9. We try to maintain backwards compatibility for this tool, so possibly this was a oversight and if you upgrade asadm we may have addressed the issue - Releases · aerospike/aerospike-admin · GitHub.

3.8.3 is really old, lot of known bugs have been since squashed, especially with partition management and clustering. You should look into upgrading to 3.13 and switching paxos protocol versions. More info here What’s New in Aerospike 3.13 and 3.14? | Aerospike.

I use the newest version asadm tool and it works perfectly, now the shown info displays the correct “Repl Factor”, and the stats show clearly that the “Total Records” is counted by all replications. My question 1 & 2 is solved. Your reply is very helpful, thanks.
Could you help to look at the question 3? I haven’t found any description about the relationship between the “replication-factor” config and “storage-engine device” config in the documents. Or they are just irrelevant?