Rack-aware clients: save inter-rack bandwith when they select copies in the same cluster (AER-5957)

If clients are aware of racks, and they select the copies in the same cluster, the inter rack bandwidth will be saved.

Acknowledge feature request.

Would extend this to detection of a local AS instance and usage of unix domain sockets instead of tcp loopback connections, if possible (assuming this will improve performance, atleast Redis is claiming to gain from it)

I am aware that you don’t recommend AS to run on same host as the app, but this setup will be a common one for small deployments.

It seems a better idea. :smile:

@ManuelSchmidt and @xiaosuo,

Thanks! We’ve noted this additional feature request.

Many clients recently added support for reading from a particular ‘rack’.

The Java client, for example, supports this feature as of 4.2.3.

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