Recommendations for integrating AS 3.x server with Spark 2.x

We are currently exploring possible ingestion options using Spark to AS community edition. AS per my understanding, the connectors available are for enterprise edition. And so are there any community accepted ways to go about this integration process given we are limited to Spark 2.x and AS 3.x only.

Using the Spark Connector is the way to go. However it is an Enterprise Edition feature, not available with the Community Edition. Using the client to access Aerospike in a distributed Spark environment is non-trivial, and our recommendation is to consider using the Enterprise Edition for use cases needing Spark integration with Aerospike.

Do you see any popular repo / tools for streaming from Kafka to Aerospike in community edition?

That’s a good question… I am not sure if there is existing such tool for free. Aerospike does offer an inbound connector for Kafka but it requires a license and is not free.

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