Record deletions while migrations are taking place

Hi folks,

I am using a java scan call back to read all the records in a set and delete them on the cluster.

I now want to consider these deletions when the cluster is in a migration state.

Please help me analyze the deletions with migrations.


If a node is returning and there were records deleted while it was away then those records will return.

There is a deletion race during migration where if a delete occurs to a record while that record is in transit and the delete arrives ahead of the migration record then the migration will recreate the record.

As previously mentioned over here. There will be a solution to these issues in the very near future, though the best solutions will remain those that use expiration/eviction exclusively.


thanks for the insights Kevin

if this is the case, should I not be pausing my delete job while the cluster is in migration state?

and if the deletion job has to be paused please provide an idea on how to implement it for the client


Aerospike 3.10.0 introduces durable deletes for Aerospike Enterprise. Learn more about how they work here:

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