Regarding Immediate Forwarding of Writes of XDR Counters

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I couldn’t find an exact answer to my question in the forums, so I apologize if this is a repeat somewhere. Is there a doc/question somewhere that details the proper configuration for accurately accessing counters cross data center? By that, I mean I can write to aeropike in one datacenter and have it forward the write to other datacenter immediately. I would like to read from another datacenter and not get a delayed representation of the data.


@meher would you have any thoughts here?

@mcflurriez I may not be the best person for this question but I’ll try to answer as much as I can (assuming I understood the question right). In general, counter or not, one can either:

  • run an Aerospike cluster across multiple regions (leveraging the rack aware (EE) feature) and have clients in the different racks (regions/datacenter) leverage the ‘prefer rack’ policy to read from the same datacenter the client is part of. At this point, though, in terms of the Aerospike feature set (may change in the future), the write would have to happen in one of the datacenter only and the application cannot really or ‘practically’ pick which datacenter the write would happen in.


  • leverage XDR and allow you to have all the writes go in the same datacenter but the writes wouldn’t ‘immediately’ be forwarded (can be pretty fast but wouldn’t be synchronous as it would be in the previous point).

I don’t know how much documentation / details there is about this topic but here are a couple of article I found (may be some more recent/better ones):

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Thanks @meher , I appreciate the response, let me check out those articles.