Reset Aerospike Management Console (AMC) user password

Hi guys,

yesterday we set up an AWS Aerospike cluster with two nodes according to . (Great guide by the way - thanks!!)

Yesterday I was able to log on to AMC by user amc and the default password (which is the instance id of the ec2 instance at AWS).

Today these credentials are not valid anymore. How can I reset the AMC password for user amc?

This guide doesn’t work ( ) because in /opt/amc/bin/ there is no "reset_password ".

/opt/amc/bin/reset_password [-u ] [-p ]

Thanks for your help. Cheers


Thanks for the positive feedback! Unable to reproduce this internally. Following up on the reset request that you mentioned.

Can you re-verify if your instance ID did not change since you last logged in using the same command?


Hi, The login is a AMI login and not for AMC.