Setting admin password on boot of cloud instance


so i’m putting something like this in my google cloud engine deployment-manager script, setting the admin password to the AMC password by default.

i’ve tried two methods…

/usr/bin/aql -c “set password ${AMC_PASS} for admin” -F /tmp/out.log

and …

echo “set password ${AMC_PASS} for admin” > /tmp/tmp.txt; /usr/bin/aql -f /tmp/tmp.txt; rm /tmp/txt;

then i enable security in the aerospike.conf and restart service. password does’t seem to be taking though… anyone have suggestions on how to set admin password in setup script?


Not sure that you can set a password if security is not enabled. Have you tried just enabling security and changing the default admin:admin as part of the setup instead? This would save you a restart too… :slight_smile: