Resource temporarily unavailable


In my JRuby application, I am getting following error periodically,

Aerospike::Exceptions::Connection: Resource temporarily unavailable - errno backtraces disabled; run with -Xerrno.backtrace=true to enable

with following configuration (3 nodes),

network {
  service {
	address any
	port 3000

  heartbeat {
	mode mesh
	port 3002
	# To use unicast-mesh heartbeats, remove the 3 lines above, and see
	# aerospike_mesh.conf for alternative.
	mesh-seed-address-port 3002
	mesh-seed-address-port 3002
	mesh-seed-address-port 3002
	interval 150
	timeout 10

  fabric {
	port 3001

  info {
	port 3003

In addition to this, I have also added timeouts for read and write operation(250ms). Is there any particular reason behind this error?



Based on the error message (“Resource temporarily unavailable”) this is probably a form of EAGAIN error where the client is trying to read from or write to a TCP socket asynchronously but fails to do so. Can you please enable backtraces (i.e. jruby -Xerrno.backtrace=true ...) so we can see exactly where this exception is happening?

What version of the client are you using? What version of JRuby are you using?


Ok. Let me check with -Xerrno.backtrace=true option

I am using jruby- and aerospike client 2.7.0


@Jan I am using Community edition of aerospike with 3 nodes. And its operating at around 700 writes/second, 250 reads/second


Here is backtrace,

/GEM_ROOT/gems/aerospike-2.7.0/lib/aerospike/socket/base.rb:44 in read_from_socket

/GEM_ROOT/gems/aerospike-2.7.0/lib/aerospike/socket/base.rb:31 in read

/GEM_ROOT/gems/aerospike-2.7.0/lib/aerospike/command/write_command.rb:47 in parse_result

/GEM_ROOT/gems/aerospike-2.7.0/lib/aerospike/command/command.rb:403 in execute

/GEM_ROOT/gems/aerospike-2.7.0/lib/aerospike/client.rb:857 in execute_command

/GEM_ROOT/gems/aerospike-2.7.0/lib/aerospike/client.rb:117 in put```


We are trying to replace Redis with Aerospike. But getting more timeouts than redis.


Does this happen all the time? How much load is the server under? Have you checked your bottlenecks (IO/Network/CPU)? Anything in the aerospike log? What does your topology look like - server/client specs, hops between nodes/server<->client? Any latency in the histograms?


Yes It happens like in every 2-3 hours. Looks like known issue

It works very well if don’t put Timeout.


Please try out Ruby client v2.8.0 that got released to yesterday.


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