Restrict Resource utilization per client (quotas) (AER-6416)

Hi Guyz,

  1. We have Aerospike running on 6 bare metal nodes, with 4 namespaces.
  2. We are looking for some mechanism to track user’s utilization(like what kind of query, how big query, how much time took to process query)
  3. How to restrict any rouge client; example a client running full scan on 100 millions of record.
  4. Aerospike server utilization (CPU/Memory/Network) per client basis.
  5. Looking for a way to dedicate/defined a resource limit for per client; so there respective query/job shouldn’t impact other client as the cluster is being shared across all.


Sounds like you are looking to be able to define quotas for users?

This doesn’t exist at this time.

The “quatas” feature has been released in Aerospike Enterprise 5.6.

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