Return results when mocking Aerospike calls



I was wondering if there was a way to be able to return results when mocking Aerospike client functions?

Example below:

given this piece of code:

// Get the data with optional bins:
$status = $this->getAerospike()->get($key, $record, $binArray, $options);

I can mock and test with the following:


    ->with($key, $record, null, $options)

As you can see, I can mock the connection so it thinks it’s connected and I can also mock the get function, but in order for the application to function it checks that $status === Aerospike::OK from the request (to indicate that everything worked, the record exists and nothing failed) but what I can’t seem to do is populate the $record variable in order for the rest of the function to continue.

Any ideas how I may be able to do this in a testing environment? I’m guessing this must have been done before / talked about?


/cc @rbotzer