Return type of the function processStatusCode for LDT's

The return type of the function processStatusCode is an string??

$status = $mybin->add($event);

echo gettype($status); // gives string
echo gettype($mybin->errorno()); // gives string

This gives an error when comparing to class constants!!

If the value of $status is 1402, it should match with Aerospike\LDT\LDT::ERR_UNIQUE_KEY, but,

$status === Aerospike\LDT\LDT::ERR_UNIQUE_KEY

gives false? Is it intended behavior?

Let me know.


:grimacing: that is indeed a bug, but at least an easy fix…

Thanks for reporting it in good detail!

I know, fixed it on my end. Also, in LStack.php, the pop, peek functions are not implemented yet.

Have done that, not sure how correct they are.

Great, thanks. I need to go over the state of LDT in the latest server/C-client release and bring the PHP library up to date with it. I’ll get to it in the next few days.

This has been fixed in the PHP client 3.3.10 release.