RPS and setting up aerospike on amazon



I am installing Aerospike on EC2.

If I do “Receive Packet Steering” like explained here http://www.aerospike.com/docs/deploy_guides/aws/recommendations/

Do I still need to do what is being advised here: http://www.aerospike.com/docs/deploy_guides/aws/tune/

  1. Add more ENIs => I am assuming No.
  2. Adjust network IRQ affinities.

Thanks a lot!



RPS is workaround for case where you cannot add more ENI (each one of them last seen has only 2 queues). So when affinity is performed you can atmost bind it to 2 cores. RPS lets you spread around processing to more cores.

If you can add more ENI it is little better as RPS has its own little overhead. But that only matters when you are trying to extract every last bit processing power. :smiley:

– R