Run two instances on one machine

I tried to run two Aerospike instances on one machine, just for development purposes. I have configured different port numbers, ssd devices, pid files, log files for the two instances.

When I used only one instance it worked fine. When I started the second one, sometimes I saw duplicated records during query (from aql command line) and I also got memory error messages when I used the Java client.

Please let me know if there is something else to configure two instances on one machine other than what I wrote.

Thanks, Sini

Sound like you are on the right path, could you share your current configuration and how you are invoking aerospike?

Also have you tried vagrant (may be simpler)?

Could you also share the output from aql showing the duplicate entries?

Thanks for the reply. I could not reproduce this issue again and my old config is deleted :frowning: . As we will run Aerospike cluster on separate node (as advised any way), I suppose we cannot follow up this.

Well that is disappointing, if you have any further question don’t hesitate to open a thread.