Scan job for 16M records is failing on socket timeout


I’m trying to pull 16M records out of AS. I’m working with python’s scan.foreach method. The problem is that a scan job is failing on the server side with ‘Connection timeout’ error right after 11 sec run.

I’ve tried to work out the problem by using threads and queues on a client side. Neither didn’t help. So, I’m wondering if there is a canonical way of pulling a large amount of data out of AS?

My client machine is 4CPU, 8GB RAM, AS client version is 2.0.8. AS cluster is v3.11.02

Thank you.

For starters, Hits AEROSPIKE_ERR_TIMEOUT more often than I should

Search “Connection Timeout” on this forum’s search utility and see if any of those suggestions help you. Lot of topics on “Connection Timeout”.

@pgupta thank you. Will check it out.

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