Scans with "done(abandoned-unknown)" status



Once I updated aerospike server and java client I am having a strange status “done(abandoned-unknown)” on aql > show scans

When query a set with a few registries is having a “done(ok)”, but when query a bigger set is having the “done(abandoned-unknown)”.

This behaviour is happening when aerospike server runs on Redhat, but if it is running on Mac with vagrant is having “active(ok)” with job_status “IN_PROGRESS” and blocks.

The code running is a simple scala code like:

  object Simple {
  var nodeList: Array[Node] = empty

  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    val initialHost: String = "XXX.XX.XX.XX:3000"
    val namespace: String = "test"
    val set: String = "hundred"
//    val set: String = "hundred_thousand"
    val select: String = "select * from %s.%s".format(namespace, set)

    val policy = new ClientPolicy()
    val splitHost = initialHost.split(":")
    val client = new AerospikeClient(policy, splitHost(0), splitHost(1).toInt)

    try {
      nodeList = client.getNodes
      val stmt = new Statement()

      val recs: RecordSet = client.queryNode(client.queryPolicyDefault, stmt, nodeList.head)
      try {
        val iterator = recs.iterator()
        if (iterator.hasNext) {
          val record =
      } finally {
    finally {


This is a set scan. You can troubleshoot by looking at the aerospike.log, and grep for “(scan)”, which will give info similar to -

Sep 14 2015 22:58:05 GMT: INFO (scan): (thr_tscan.c::871) scan job received
Sep 14 2015 22:58:06 GMT: INFO (scan): (thr_tscan.c::387) SCAN JOB DONE