Security option details required


Could you please describe how absence of security limits Community Version?

In my understanding, I won’t be able to create users and limit their permissions. Is this correct? Does this mean that production servers are de facto open to public (well… maybe with smth like root/root)?

I would appreciate as much details as possible or maybe you have a page already with this info.

Thank you! Dennis

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Yes, with security feature you will be able to create users and limit their permissions. Without security of course, anyone who has access to your Aerospike servers will be able to modify configuration, update and/or delete data.

Here are links to a blog by our CTO and our internal documentation on the different user permissions for Security that can be set:

Thank you! …and Happy Holidays!

At risk of stating the obvious: Security or no security features, Aerospike shouldn’t be accessible to public networks.

Or any database, ever.

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