Solr search functionality

I am new to Aerospike and had a question. How does Aerospike give functionality similar to Solr? If it does not, has anyone integrated Solr with Aerospike?

Aerospike and Solr are quite different. Aerospike is primarily a key-value store whereas Solr is primarly for indexing documents (loosely speaking). We have a customer who wrote plugin in Solr which will get/put data from Aerospike to augment the functionality of Solr. I am not aware of any public domain integration between Solr and Aerospike.

I highly recommend Aerospike integrate Solr. It will Aerospike compete. A lot of companies dont want to have multiple data vendors. For example: Datastax has integrated Solr and Spark with Cassandra. It sets them apart because its a package. I know I chose to utilize Datastax because of this reason. I dont think the integration should be that hard for Aerospike. Create a LUA UDF to send a upsert to solr on CRUD operations. Create a java plugin to send updates to Aerospike. Do a stat count of solr vs DB on startup to sync.

I would be suprised if it takes Aerospike more then 3-4 weeks to implement this.

Absolutely! AS + Solr cloud together will be a killer combo. We use it internally but have to manage the sync at the application level - would love to have the integration available right out of the box.