Space Utilization


Hi, I’m new to aerospike, I was trying to clone my data in cassandra to aerospike. I’m observing that aerospike is taking way more disk space as compare to cassandra for same amount of data. My copy script is still in progress and I guess this may take ~2 twice or more disk space. I’m having same replication factor 3 in both cassandra and aerospike. I’m using storage as device and in-memory-data= false

Any comment/opinion on this would be helpful. Is this acceptable behavior or am i doing something wrong?


Have you reviewed the Capacity Planning documentation?


thanks for the link, it states “data can be stored in RAM or on flash storage (SSD). You should not exceed 50-60% capacity on your SSDs.” can you explain why we should not exceed 50-60%


This is addressed in the KB here: Some aerospike.conf defaults explained.