Spark connector installation problem


Hi, Do you know where can I find any guide how to install aerospark (on ubuntu)? Currently I got this error during build:

[ERROR] /home/dev/aerospark/src/main/scala/com/osscube/spark/aerospike/rdd/AerospikeRDD.scala:77: error: overloaded method value setAggregateFunction with alternatives:
[INFO]   (x$1: ClassLoader,x$2: String,x$3: String,x$4: String,x$5: <repeated...>[com.aerospike.client.Value])Unit <and>
[INFO]   (x$1: String,x$2: String,x$3: <repeated...>[com.aerospike.client.Value])Unit
[INFO]  cannot be applied to (String, String, Array[com.aerospike.client.Value], Boolean)
[INFO]       newSt.setAggregateFunction("spark_filters", "multifilter", udfFilters, true)
[INFO]             ^
[WARNING] /home/dev/aerospark/src/main/scala/com/osscube/spark/aerospike/rdd/AerospikeRDD.scala:99: warning: non-variable type argument Long in type pattern java.util.HashMap[Long,Any] is unchecked since it is eliminated by erasure
[INFO]           case m: java.util.HashMap[Long, Any] =>

Thanks !!



Recommendation is to open a github issue on for the original author of the project. Thanks for the work of the community!


I just validated the build on Centos 6, as Sasha says. I will validated next on Ubuntu. Which ubuntu version are you using? 14.04?