Support client 5.0.x and PHP 8

Good day,

PHP client is not updated to use client library version 5.0.x which is essential while we using server enterprise edition version 5.x

Another critical issue aerospike extension is not compiled with PHP 8 which is released on Nov 26

Hope you give better support to PHP developers

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Thanks for the feedback. I believe this is something being looked at and planned.

For the Database version 5.X, you should be able to use the PHP client. There are a few features which have not been implemented yet, but it should work for the majority of the features.

The PHP client is community supported. This doesn’t mean that Aerospike doesn’t work on it, but that this development lags other clients. It is not as up to date on features as higher tiered clients. Part of the issue is less involvement by PHP users compared to the Rust client, which is in the same tier of clients.

You should take a look at the REST client, which is language agnostic, scales and performs well under heavy loads. It is used in production, it is under active development, and it has features that are missing in the PHP client. You can use it right now.

There is a REST client interface for PHP, aerospike-community/aerospike-client-rest-php. It’s an example of a client generated from the Swagger doc of the REST client itself.

You can find articles about the REST client on the Aerospike Developer Blog in Medium and DEV.

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