Task manager with aerospike and node.js

I’m using node.js with aerospike in a networking application. When a user post, mention or follow I have to do job on timelines or/and notifications. I would like to run these jobs after node.js has sent a response to the client.

I run aboit task managers and message brokers and I’m not sure to understand

So my question is because operations in node.js are asynchronous and synchronous in aerospike-> Is it a bad idea to just send the response to the client and then make these jobs with aerospike (or may I lose something with replications,cloud,etc)

Or I’m forced to use a RabbitMQ like?

The Aerospike node.js client, from the perspective of the node.js developer, is asynchronous. When you call an operation like get() you include a callback, the operation gets queued, and once the operation runs it triggers that callback.

Yes, under the covers it uses the C client, which currently performs the operation synchronously. When that changes you will not need to modify your code.

Aerospike is a distributed database and RabbitMQ is a message queue. There is no comparing the two in terms of what they do and what they’re used for.

For more on this topic, please see the post from @moubert - and subsequent answers by @sunil - on the Stack Overflow forum here.

Thanks for the answer

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