TLS Configuration in Aerospike Connect Spark Connector

I am using version 2.8.1 of the Aerospike Spark connector to read data from the Aerospike server. Although our Aerospike server does not require client certificate validation and only needs the tlsName parameter to establish a secure connection, when I set aerospike.tls.enabletls: true and aerospike.tls.tlsname: <tlsName> in the Aerospike Spark connector, I receive an error with reason code java.lang.IllegalArgumentException. The error message indicates that the mandatory TLS truststore properties (aerospike.tls.truststore-store-file and aerospike.tls.truststore-store-password-file) is missing.

However, in our Java application (not Spark), we are able to successfully read data from the Aerospike server by only providing the tlsName parameter without any additional truststore properties.

AS Client Version: 6.1.2

  1. The 2.8.1 version of the connector is no longer supported. It is recommended to upgrade to a newer version, which offers significantly more functionalities and improved performance.
  2. Could you please double-check that there were no certificates present in your TLS setup? I’m puzzled as to how there could be TLS communication without certificates. Additionally, could you verify if the server log confirms TLS communication in your setup?