״Error -1: Un-licensed server״ error when using spark connector


I’ve recently downloaded a trial version of aerospike ee and I installed it on my Mac for testing.

I tried to write data using spark but I get:

: com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException: Error -1: Un-licensed server

I set all the needed config:

(“spark.aerospike.seedhost”, “localhost”), (“spark.aerospike.namespace”, ‘test’), (“spark.aerospike.port”, “3000”), (“spark.aerospike.namespace”, “test”), (“spark.aerospike.keyPath”, “/opt/aerospike/etc./evaluation-features.conf”)

But nothing helped.

Is the EE version support spark connector?

Do I need another license?



The advice from our engineering is to check the keyPath “/opt/aerospike/etc./evaluation-features.conf” is correct (with the dot after etc), and that the feature file is present on the spark nodes (including the master) at the specified location indicated by keyPath.

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