Unable to run an example given by Aerospike



This is in reference to the following example provided by Aerospike: https://github.com/aerospike/query-with-filters

I tried running the AuthenticateTest.aql provided and it threw errors when it encounters the Aggregate function. I tried running the same file on other systems and it gave me the same error. I have attached a screenshot for better understanding of the problem. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong


I’m not exactly sure what your issue is. I just cloned the repo and ran it on a clean install of Aerospike server 3.6.x and Aerospike tools 3.6.x

What is your versions of Aerospike Tools and Aerospike Server


The AQL file in this example didn’t have a newline after the last character on it. This can cause issues on some AQL clients. I have added this newline – please pull the latest changes from this repository and let us know if you still continue to have issues.