Understanding asrestore output


I was trying to restore aerospike cluster from snapshot using asrestore. While restoring I’m getting output as below

Jul 12 2016 09:09:04 GMT: expired 11851 : skipped 0 : attempted 124387967 : [updated 65925966 not-updated (existed 0 gen-old 58462001)]

The not-updated count here is too high, can you help me understanding what gen-old means, what are possible reason for such failure in restore.

Note: To speed up restore i’m providing thread count as 50. I’m also getting lot of err_tsvc_requests

What version of asbackup and asrestore was used?

This output seems to be from a much older version of asrestore, we recommend upgrading to the latest version.

What version is the servers?

Any warnings in the logs?

So the number of gen-old indicates the number of records that had a newer generation on the server then what was in the backup.

For more information see http://www.aerospike.com/docs/tools/backup/asrestore.html

Basically, if you want to ignore the contents of the DB, you would want to use the --no-generation option and potentially the --replace option.

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