Use_shared_connection with shm and implicit shm_key

Hi, we are connected to multiple clusters and we used shm_key set by hand.

We tried to not set shm_key which by the documentation should be implicitly evaluated per unique hostname but we ended up with a connection to only one cluster.

The problem is that in version 2.0.13 use_shared_connection was added and when it is not set to True shm_key is not evaluated correctly.

My proposal is to do one of these changes:

  1. Mention this in the client documentation (IMHO it also deserves a changelog mention)
  2. set use_shared_connection to True when using shm, or is there another use case?

There are probably other solutions, I am willing to discuss them and help with the solution.


Thanks for noticing that. I think your first proposal is excellent, and we will update the documentation accordingly.

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